It is great to see dance as a popular choice in schools.

Exploring movement vocabulary and group dynamics both benefits communication skills and provides a good form of exercise.

The aim for L.D.T. when working in education, is to highlight the creative tool (our body) we each possess; its individual character and ability to communicate. We work collectively with pupils either devising a piece, or simply workshopping ideas. We feel it is important their creativity is utilised and so avoid prescribing style, or teaching excessive repertoire.

The workshops are always fun, energetic and colourful. We avoid a canvas of shape and style and instead celebrate the individual and their uniqueness. We encourage mind and body to be engaged equally in the equation and welcome the inclusion of other disciplines (art, theatre, music) throughout the process.

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Levantes Dance Theatre’s work has the potential to communicate to a range of audiences

  • A general dance audience will appreciate the choreography and highly visual design.
  • A theatre audience will appreciate the narratives, however fragmented, that are based in real life experiences.
  • A broad age range will appreciate the work.
  • An international audience will appreciate the work with its visual narrative.
  • The eclectic soundtrack includes a wide variety, from classic pop, jazz, european music and the work of a   number of independent musicians, which many audiences have found accessible and entertaining; some   of the main feedback from the previous shows was how much of a hit the soundtrack was. This was used to  engage new audiences with the work and was particularly effective for marketing purposes.
  • The Levantes’ journey is particularly inspiring for young artists. From forming the company while at University   in 2005, the Levantes story begins as a tentative tale of small success leading to recognition from national   and international venues and promoters alike.

Sun Kissed – 2015

A playful dance theatre performance for all the family with visually stunning designs and costumes. This brand new outdoor shows explores a typical family summer holiday- with a peculiar twist, as sunscreen, ice cream,and flippers are worn, eaten and destroyed… performed by an international cast of talented female performers

Sun Kissed is part of Progression: an ongoing project from GLYPT that connects creative young people aged 16 to 25 with professional artists.


Choreography: E. Edipidi & B. Harrison
Performers: Progression members
Costume: Stella-Jane Odoemelam
Stage Manager: Angela Legg

Duration: 20 minutes

Save The Last Dance – 2014

Eleni worked with 3rd year students from Edge Hill University to create work for their final year assessment. Great performances from everyone

This Party – 2013

Levantes (Eleni Edipidi and Jacob Smart) worked with 3rd year students from Edge Hill University to create two productions for their assessments; ‘This Party’ and ‘Flight’.

Great performances by everyone and really exciting to see such brave and creative work. ‘This Party’: a fantastical and rather indulgent celebration of the absurd and the familiar.

Duck Man – 2012

Working on the Choreography for Children Award they won in summer 2012, Levantes started the year creatively with shows at The Place and The Lilyan Baylis, Sadler’s Wells. Duck Man was a hit thanks largely to the wonderful team of people supporting us, with special appreciation for the creative team; Animator Adam Gregory, the Band Honeyfeet, our lovely Dramaturge Lisa Marie Bowler, Photographer Foteini Christofilopoulou and the very talented London Contemporary performers.

Well done to everyone for a fantastic show!
Commissioned and produced by Sadler’s Wells, Company of Angels and The Place, Co-commissioned by Dance East, Supported by MOKO DANCE

Levantes Dance Theatre were wonderful. Their work is infusing.

audience member

The sheer physicality of 'Duck Man' was brilliant.

audience member

"Duck Man was a picture book fantasy come to life."

Jeffrey Gordon Baker

Banquet – 2011

Levantes worked with 3rd year students both from UCLAN and Edge Hill University to create work for their final year assessments.

Great performances from everyone and really exciting to see such brave and creative work.

Instant Acts 2011 & 2012

Eleni & Bethanie toured together with 14 wonderfully creative people, with Instant Acts in 2011 & 2012 in Germany and Italy teaching workshops and performing in schools and prisons.

For more information about Instant Acts please follow the link

Intimate Strangers – 2011

A dance theatre production choreographed by Eleni Edipidi and devised & performed by the 2nd year students (Bapdt2)/ University of Salford.

Cups and Cakes –  2010

A piece directed by Levantes Dance Theatre and devised/performed by The Physical Theatre Post-Grad students/London Metropolitan University at The Oval House Theatre, London

Between You and Me – 2009

A dance theatre production choreographed by Eleni Edipidi and devised by the 2nd year students (Ba PDT2)/ University of Salford.