About Us


About us


Levantes Dance Theatre have a constant enthusiasm for fusing artistic disciplines and indulging in vibrant aesthetics. 

The company was formed by Eleni Edipidi and Bethanie Harrison in 2005, and since then we work with a number of exceptional collaborators on each new project.

We make bold, bright and beautiful performance for audiences of all ages. Striking visuals and curious characters are signature features of any Levantes performance, often made either for theatre/circus venues or outdoor festivals and events.

We have an admiration for all things kitsch and our work makes observations that turn everyday routines into extraordinary spectacles. As artists, we explore the body’s capacity to communicate in its most basic form.

‘multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary melange of magic…!

Greenwich Visitor

”[They] use dance as a simple yet enlightening method of communication.”


Levantes’ practice is made of three interconnecting stands. We make daring performance, laced with humour, for black box theatre spaces that transcends dance and theatre conventions to offer new and intriguing experiences for audiences.

We also make charming and peculiar public intervention performance in the form of bite sized canapé routines; visual pieces of play that interact closely with audiences at festivals and outdoor events.

All our work is immaculately beautiful and choreographed seamlessly. The two strands collectively develop the company’s connection with audiences who are seeking something delectably different from the norm.

Levantes are funded mostly through commissions, upon which we have developed a national reputation and track record of delivering high-quality successful productions.

The third element of our work is the fantastic education and skills development opportunities that we provide for communities, families, university students, young creatives and artistic professionals.

We are proud to be Associate Artists at a href=”https://greenwichdance.org.uk”>Greenwich Dance, and Albany Theatre, who support our projects both in-kind and through commissions.



2017 – Crying Out Loud representation at Spotlight UK Circus ‘THE BAND’

2016 – Circulate artists for outdoor work ‘Parlour’ (host venue The Albany)

2015 – Incubator Artists (DepArts)

2015 – Arts Council Funding for R&D and National tour ‘THE BAND’

2015 – Arts Council Funding for R&D ‘Kathy & Kathy’

2015 – Commission for outdoor work ’Sun Kissed’ (Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre)

2013 – Choreography for Children’s Award for ‘Duck Man’ (The Place, Sadler’s Wells, Company of Angels)

2012 – ongoing Associate Artists of Greenwich Dance.

2012 – Commission for ‘Canape Art’ (The Royal Opera House)

2011 – Escalator Dance Artists (DepArts)

2011 – Method Lab Commission for ‘Two Peas without a Pod’ (greenroom)

2010 – Arts Council Funding for National tour ‘Room Temperature Romance’

2010 – Bonnie Bird New UK Choreography Award for ‘Two Peas without a Pod’ (Laban)

2009 – The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award for ‘Room Temperature Romance’ (The Barbican)

2009 – Marion Mentoring Scheme Award (Laban)

2008 – Stamping Ground (Dance4)

2008 – Rules and Regs (Nuffield Theatre)

2008 – In Transit  – North West touring with ‘Gin & Satsumas’ (greenroom)

The People


Eleni Edipidi

Eleni Edipidi

Artistic Director & founder of Levantes Dance Theatre

Originally from Greece, Eleni trained at Laban and gained an MA in European Dance Theatre Practice (2005), has a BA in Dance and Live Art Practices (2004, Manchester Metropolitan University), A Foundation in Visual Art (2001, University of the West of England) and a Foundation in Circus Arts (2014, Aircraft Circus).

Eleni is a freelance performer, teacher and choreographer. She has collaborated and performed internationally with choreographers such as Company Victoria, Interkunst, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company, Protein Dance, Retina Dance and EVERYBODY DANCE amongst others.

She recently worked as a choreographer for the circus show SOHO (Stufish Productions & Sadlers’ Wells).

As a performer she is currently performing and touring with Tmesis theatre on Happy Hour and on their newest production.

Eleni has been teaching and devising work internationally for all ages and abilities since 2008.

Bethanie Harrison

Bethanie Harrison

Associate Choreographer & founder of Levantes Dance Theatre

Bethanie founded Levantes Dance Theatre with Eleni in 2005 and continues to work as a co collaborator for the Company on a number of projects.

She currently works for the English National Ballet School as the Organisational Administrator.

Gopan Iyadurai

Gopan Iyadurai

Visual & Multimedia

Gopan works as Levantes’ Multimedia and Visual Director.

His role involves documenting the work through film, editing moving images and marketing material.

He trained at Goldsmiths and gained an MSc in Computer Arts (2005), he has a BA in Visual Arts (2004, Manchester Metropolitan University).

Gopan is also currently working full-time at Channel 4, The Production Centre Ericsson as a Video Editor and Team Leader.

Associate Artists

Kleoniki Edipidi

Stage Manager

Adam Gregory York

Animator/ Film Maker



Ivonne Kalter


Nathan Johnston


photos: Foteini Christofiloloulou