Technical Specifications

Suitable floor for dancing (preferably black dance floor)
White background required  for video projection
Approximately 4m wide x 4m long x 50cm high rostra 

· Front projector required to be projected on white background, sound required for projection
· DVD player

· 1 trapeze (company is bringing equipment). If rigging is not possible in every venue, Levantes have strategies to perform without. 
· 5m long piece of fabric rigged from the ceiling SR
· 2 dresses hung from fishing wire, manually pulled from SR to SL (pully system)

· 1 wireless microphone, 1 microphone stand
· PA system (company is using only 1 CD)

Company can discuss lighting plan

Dressing rooms:
1 dressing room required to accommodate 2 performers

Other specifications:
· 6 x matching chairs for the stage provided by the venue
· 1 clothes rack
. There will be a small amount of water on stage that will be wiped out easily by the company after the show.

Show (music, video, sound) run by venue technician
Venue technician needed to help company rig and focus lights and projector and sound check