Who Are We?

Levantes Dance Theatre is a young company doing extraordinary things. In a short space of time this Anglo-Greek duo of young women have caught the eye of a number of venues, commissioners and artists alike. The company have trained in a multitude of disciplines including ballet, live art, visual art, dance theatre, contemporary performance, design and fashion. Their practice fuses these artistic disciplines to create vivid, inclusive experiences. There is an overwhelming sense within the work of a provocative visual design, costumes and set forming the focus for their use of visual dialogue.

“We want you to eat us with your eyes, to create a sculpture which may be entered into and explored”.

Levantes Dance Theatre are playful, vivacious and vibrant. They are the designers, choreographers, performers, and directors, and look to creating something whole and inclusive rather than managing an artistic patchwork of concepts and ideas. Eccentric worlds are created from a fascination with routine and a desire to marry the lavish and mundane, exploring the perverse and odd idiosyncrasies of human behaviour.

“Mischief, humour and tenderness explode with equal measure to highlight themes of resistance and compliance. We encourage an intimate exchange between audience and performer, hoping they are both drawn in to and repulsed by our work”.

Levantes Dance Theatre are recipient of:
2011 - Method Lab Commission (greenroom)
2010 - Bonnie Bird New UK Choreography Award (B. Harrison) 
2009 - The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award
2009 - Marion Mentoring Scheme Award (E. Edipidi)
2008 - Stamping Ground (Dance4)
2008 - Rules and Regs (Nuffield Theatre)


Eleni Edipidi 
Co artistic director of LDT/choreographer/performer

Originally from Greece, Eleni trained at Laban and gained a MA in European Dance Theatre Practice (2005) and has a BA in Dance and Live Art Practices (2004, MMU). Eleni is a freelance performer and choreographer. She has performed and toured internationally with the Belgian based company Victoria with the work "For All The Wrong Reasons" by Lies Pauwels. She has also danced for Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, Aud Aasbo, Generating Company, Darkin Ensemble,  Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company and has performed in the Opening Ceremonies of the Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games amongst others.
Currently she is dancing for Digitalis Dance Company choreographed by Leda Franklin.
Eleni is the recipient of The Marion North Mentoring Scheme 2009 and  worked with Lindsey Butcher as her mentor.


Bethanie Harrison 
Co artistic director of LDT/choreographer/performer

Bethanie has a BA in Dance and Visual Art (2004, MMU). Since 2004, Bethanie has co directed LDT and created work as a choreographer and performer for their productions. Bethanie has collaborated with art practitioners Andre Gingras and Anna Macdonald and has lead workshops in schools in the Northwest with “Charged 2 dance”.
Bethanie is the recipient of The Bonnie Bird New Uk Choreography Award 2010.