Levantes are offering the following as part of this tour:

• Post Show Discussions are positively encouraged to develop links with the company and foster debate about the work. Any post show discussion would need to be chaired by a member of staff from the venue.

• A Dance Theatre Workshop for young people or adults of all ages and abilities.

Please contact Eleni Edipidi on for more information on post-show discussions and workshops.

Levantes would like to work with 2 people from the local community who may or may not have performance experience and who may not be theatre attendees at that particular venue. Should this not be possible in every venue, Levantes have strategies to perform without. 

Levantes will workshop the roles for a short period during get in/rehearsal time. This would need to be carefully scheduled in during this period and the Company may need support from the venue to find and contact these two people.


Levantes Dance Theatre’s work has the potential to communicate to a range of audiences.
• A general dance audience will appreciate the choreography and highly visual design, including the innovative use of aerial cocoons.
• A theatre audience will appreciate the narratives, however fragmented, that are based in real life experiences.
• A broad age range will appreciate the production.
• An international audience will appreciate the production.
• Audiences who list visual art among their interests will also find something within the stage pictures created through the use of movement, lighting, costume and set.
• The Levantes’ journey is particularly inspiring for young artists. From forming the company while at University in 2005, the Levantes story begins as a tentative tale of small success leading to recognition from national and international venues and promoters alike.