Set (supplied by Company):
Grey dance floor (provided by the company)
2 aerial silks (cocoons) rigged centre SL to safe rigging points.
2 white/cream flats (2m x 2m) on either side of the stage suspended from above (steel wire) or rigged from
the floor with weights (we do not tour our own stage weights, venue to supply up to 4)
2 small chairs
3 fireproofed rugs.
Throughout the piece these objects plus battery operated lights and dresses are shifted around and placed in
various parts of the stage and magnetically attached to one of the flats. 2 films are projected SR on the cyc,
and 1 projected SR on the canvas flat. 1 battery operated chandelier (2kgs) to fly in 2 times and 2 times out during
the run. The aerial work is not dynamic, there are no falls or drops.
Full risk assessment supplied.

Minimum stage area = 9m width and 6m depth.
We can work at a Flexible Height range of 4m – 12m.
Venues to supply:
Cyc to be rigged throughout the piece (revealed by black curtains supplied by venue during piece)
6x black flats/wings (3SR and 3SL) to cover booms and entrance for performers - can be flexible depending on venue.

RIGGING - company will bring:
2x aerial silks (cocoons) rigged centre to SL to safe rigging points. The silks are rigged to be 1m above the floor from
the stage area (silks are rigged for hanging, for performers to sit in from standing).
2x white/cream flats (2m high x 1m wide) on either side of the stage suspended from above (steel wire) or rigged
from the floor with weights. The flat on SL is fireproofed canvas which is situated upstage with a small “flap” at the
bottom; the flat on SR is a fireproofed metal magnetic flat and placed half way downstage. Both flats are toured
(2 pieces 2x1 that have to be connected during set up).
1x battery powered chandelier (2kgs) rigged to centre to SR (approx. 4m from 1st row of audience) to fly in and out
4 times during the run.
Flower curtain to be rigged upstage (depending on venue might need black molton curtain to be rigged 1m from
upstage wall - molton curtain to be provided by venue).

LIGHTING - venue to supply (NB company plan to tour with gels):
What the lighting needs to achieve:

Front light cover. L003

Pink back light to cover stage area. L793
Blue back light to cover stage area. L722

Top light corridor upstage. L767
Top light corridor downstage. L767

Side light consisting of shins and heads, ideally 6 booms. L202

Pink wash to cover cyclorama. L793
Blue wash to cover cyclorama. L722


Minimum specials that needs to be provided:

Top light for rug CS – 1kw F or parcan
Front light for rug CS – 1kw PC or F
Front spot for cupboard CS – 1kw profile or F with barndoors
Top light for birthday cake – 1kw profile with iris
Corridor for birthday cake to travel in – 1kw profile (wide)
Top light for rug SR – 1kw F or parcan
Front light for small door in canvas flat – 1kw profile (narrow)
Bethanie’s drawing frame – 1kw profile (narrow)
Elenie’s drawing frame – 1kw profile (narrow)
Cocoon 1 top light – 650w F
Cocoon 2 top light – 650wF
Cocoon uplight 1 – 1kw PC or F
Cocoon uplight 2 – 1kw PC or F
Back light spot for microphone – 1kw PC or F
Front light spot for microphone – 1kw PC or F

SOUND - venues to supply:
Full PA system loud enough to be heard at the back of the auditorium
and monitors to be heard clearly on stage by performers

SOUND - company to supply:
1x CD

AV -
2x data projector - 1 supplied by Company 1 supplied by the Venue.
Source images for these projections is 16:9 shape cropped (black bars) within 4:3 output
2x DVD players supplied by venues - provides signal for video projections.

2x 1mx2m fireproofed magnetic flat
2x 1mx2m fireproofed white canvas flat – both flats fold into 2 x (1mx2m) for touring
2x DVD players for video projection
2x 10mx2m fireproofed cocoons
4x slings
2x karabiners
3x (1.40x2m) fireproofed rugs
50x small battery lights
100x batteries
6x battery chargers
2x Perspex containers
2x oval shaped plastic chairs
20x costume dresses
Edible products (small cakes, Guinness for performers only; no food given to the audience)
2x plastic glasses
18x battery operated pigs
1x projector
grey dance floor

2x performers
1x stage manager - does flying work and works backstage.
1x Production manager - operates lights and calls AV/sound.


8 hour get-in from 9 - 5pm or 10 - 6pm with show in the evening.

2 hours

During show:
2x venue technicians to operate sound/AV.

During Get in/Fit up:
2x venue technicians to assist with lighting, sound and AV requirements, (setting up projectors, sound checks etc)
and who know where the safe, load bearing rigging points are.

Dressing room with 2 tables with mirrors
Accessible toilets close to dressing rooms
2x props tables at either side of stage
2x clothes racks
Access to washing machine, dryer and steamer or iron

We travel in a transit van and a large car. We may have two cars depending on the
personnel traveling from the company

ROOM TEMPERATURE ROMANCE runs at 70mins no interval.