'...performance and dance quality was excellent, funny, quirky colourful and entertaining.' (audience member, Manchester, 'Quero Quero' 2014)

CANAPE ART upcoming events

image credit: Foteini Christfilopoulou

19th July 2014, Blueprint, Tate Liverpool
Led by Tate Collective Liverpool, an ongoing youth art initiative, Blueprint Festival 2014 will be a three day festival where young visitors can experience surprising encounters with art installations, music, spoken word, dance, theatre and a parade of living sculptures at Tate Liverpool and Liverpool city centre. Blueprint is happening at both Chavasse Park and Tate Liverpool on Saturday. Outside, live performances and workshops by Levantes Dance Theatre, local musicians and bands will kick start the day’s events. CLICK HERE FOR INFO

6th & 7th September 2014, Tall Ships Festival, Greewnich Dance, London
Royal Greenwich will host five days of exciting activities welcoming up to 50 majestic Tall Ships. The annual Royal Greenwich Festivals will provide a spectacular programme of music, dance and family entertainment from 5 to 9 September 2014. CLICK HERE FOR INFO

14th February 2015, Duckie, Vauxhall Tavern
Come and join us with a Valentine's themed 'Canape Art' full of melted chocolate...
We never let our Duckie audience down

Images from Duckie Easter themed cabaret 2014
image credit: Kristi Harris

What Levantes have been up to

5th July 2014, Step LIVE!, Sadlers Wells Theatre, London
Step LIVE! is a celebration of all of the work that Step does, and is always an exciting finale to the year. With entertainment in the Sadler's Wells foyer, this was a vibrant and inspiring occasion! CLICK HERE FOR INFO

4th April 2014,Turn Platform, Contact Theatre, Manchester 
'QUERO QUERO' (work in progress) 

image credit: Tamsin Drury

'Levantes- Amazing!! Skilful execution' (audience member 2014)
'Levantes - Incredible! Loved the dance!' (audience member 2014)

Following the success at Turn Platform, we are confirming new dates for the show... keep a look out on social media for further information @LevantesDance

Thank you to: Greenwich Dance, Generating Company, Eduardo de Souza (Toli Senzala)

11th March 2014, Dance Umbrella Auction, Mercers Hall, London
Levantes helped raise funding for and awareness of all the great work Dance Umbrella do at their auction in March. See below for some lovely images of the event.

image credit: Foteini Christfilopoulou 


image credit: Foteini Christofilopoulou

We will keep you posted... watch this space!


So excited that Levantes will be choreographing once again on the 3rd Year Dance students of Edge Hill University in November 2014. Looking forward to be meeting  and working with new talent!


3rd July, Albany Deptford, London
On the 3rd of July Levantes had the opportunity to be part of a panel discussion organised by GLYPT around the early stages of arts careers. What it’s like starting out in the creative industries and what it means to sustain a career in the arts.


Levantes Dance Theatre are seeking a Booking Manager for their cabaret 'Canape' work.
For more information please contact Eleni or Bethanie on:

We continue to work on new projects with our wonderful creative team; photographer Foteini Christofilopoulou and multimedia artist Gopan Iyadurai, we want to thank them for all their hard work and support. 


'Lovely Bugs' by everyBODYDance

image credit: Dave Provis

This summer Eleni was once again part of 'Lovely Bugs' choreographed  by Rachel Freeman (everyBODYDance). 'Lovely Bugs' is an outdoor, aerial dance performance work for everyone. Set on the spectacular 6m high dome rig and giant spider’s web with music and rhyme, the audience are invited to 
make it rain on Incy (Lisa Spaull), deliver Ladybird’s (Jess Allen) shopping and to ‘have-a-go’ on the ropes after the show.


'Picnic' by Etta Ermini Dance Theatre

image 2 credit: Foteini Christofilopoulou

Eleni was touring in France with 'Picnic' choreographed by Etta Ermini; a lush and joyful picnic is disrupted by the quirks and pitfalls of their relationship. Audience interaction, food, comedy and a highly dynamic movement vocabulary make Picnic an enjoyable experience for children and adults alike.



To find out more information about LDT's work and where they are performing, please type "ROMANCE" and send to: info@levantesdancetheatre.org or 
text ROMANCE to 07940937991

top image: Foteini Christofilopoulou
newsletter design: Gopan Iyadurai