Performance for Public Spaces.

Canapé Art consists of a series of performed tasks; reading magazines, drinking tea, eating cake, writing letters, dressing, dining and such like, performed simultaneously by the two performers. Levantes focus on the 'performance' of these daily rituals, playing with detail and the varying quality individuals bring unconsciously to these tasks.

Each task is part of the familiar fabric of day to day life; something ordinary taken to a surreal extreme, in turn making it something of value deserving of an audience. Tasks are layered and subverted, then meticulously performed with vibrant costume and audio, revealing the peculiarly fascinating human impact on the mundane mechanics of daily life, with vigour and humour.

Canapé Art is created with Levantes' principle interests to combine grand design with a human quality; layering immediately rewarding imagery with substance to dig for. Canapé Art also aims to question the division between audience and performer imposed by the stage, and develop something vivid and alive, that can react and be reacted to instantly.

Levantes firmly believe in the bodies ability to communicate in its most basic form and the impact of experience over the explanation of it. Mischief, humour and humanness explode with equal measure, to make Canapé Art a peculiarly enjoyable addition to any event.

Bethanie and Eleni on Canapé Art

Canapé Art is vital for us as performers and the development of the Levantes style. As a company much of our work is for black box theatre spaces; Canapé Art produces much of the material and inspiration for these platforms, it connects us directly with audiences and pushes us out of our comfort zone; face to face with reaction and affect of the work we do. We do it because we love it, it is a great way to play and explore the dynamics between audience and performer and a necessity for us, underpinning the company's future projects. Our practice centres around bleeding the boundaries between artistic disciplines, this strand of development regularly takes us out of the theatre and gives us the opportunity to take part in non dance specific events, it is in turn essential for us to continue performing and experiencing the piece above perfecting or finalising it. What is essential for Canapé Art is that it lives in constant flux, that it is exposed and open to as many differing factors as possible, the strict structure of tasks and rules are constant yet variable and looking to the future we hope for it and us to be tested further.