Levantes strive to keep their work current and honest, influenced by a continuing dialogue with audience and other artists. Canapé Art is vital for the company to continue learning from these intimate exchanges. Performed with two performers in widely varying venues with diverse audience groups, Canapé Art gives the company freedom to grow from a larger range of experiences. Casino's, foyers, wedding receptions, schools, music gigs, live art nights, corporate events, birthday parties, shopping centres and fetes, have all played host to the work. It is key for the company to keep this venue pool growing, variety in venues means variety of audience and experience; which in turn feeds back into other productions and the company 's collective artistic voice.

Location for work- The piece has been performed in a number of venues with varying formats. The idea of the work is to fit within any framework, for flexible choreographed behaviour to permeate through its environment and gel artistic content with the everyday. With this in mind the location for the work is anywhere, we rise to the challenge of alternative spaces and have left the choreography open to accommodate circumstance. Basic requirements are that the location can be used with a sound system, and that it is dry so props and costume do not get damaged.
Full risk assessment supplied for work.

LDT making ediable cakes on guests hands - London Fashion Week, London

Previously performed:-
2010: Launch Party - Wolf
&Badger, Selfridges, London
2010: The Hospital Club/London Fashion Week, London
2010: Wedding Reception - Barbican Centre, London
2010: Duckie - Vauxhall Tavern, London
2010: MDI - M&S Window display, Liverpool
2010: Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer, London
2010: GDA Cabaret, London
2008: Alea Casino, Nottingham
2008: Source Cafe, Carlisle
2007: Quake Platform, Derby Dance, Derby
2006: Movingartsbase, London
2006: Greenroom, Manchester

Canapé Art has also been performed at weddings, birthday parties and corporate events separate from artistic festivals.

Available for booking depending on clients needs.
If you are interested in booking Canapé Art at your venue, party, pub, wedding, festival or any kind of event please contact:
Eleni Edipidi or Bethanie Harrison on info@levantesdancetheatre.org 07940 937 991

LDT are recipient of
2010 - Bonnie Bird New Uk Choreography Award (B, Harrison)
2009 - The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award
2009 - Marion Mentoring Scheme Award (E. Edipidi)
2008 - Stamping Ground, Dance4
2008 - Rules and Regs