Canapé Art is the second main strand to Levantes' work and underpins the creative work for stage.
Best described as public interventions in the form of canapé routines; visual pieces of play that interact closely with audience.

Choreography: E. Edipidi & B. Harrison
Performers: E. Edipidi & B. Harrison
Time: Four 20 minute performances / durational work / tailored as needed.

With Canapé Art Levantes wanted to create a strand of their practice, free from the constraints of more traditional theatre. Without reliance on location, the un divided attention of audience or technical requirements, the aim for Canapé Art is to build something durable that will challenge both audience and performer, which can be performed anywhere, for potentially any length of time.

If you are interested in booking Canapé Art at your venue, party, pub, wedding, festival or any kind of event please contact:
Eleni Edipidi or Bethanie Harrison on:
Bethanie Harrison - 07760 488 948
Eleni Edipidi - 07940 937 991

Alex Tralian 2010 Wedding Reception, Barbican Centre, London